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Laling's Special BBQ

Not having outgrown my penchant and 'addiction' to BBQ and other grilled street skewers, have decided to take it to the next level by coming up with my own - Laling's Special BBQ.

Panciteria San Jacinto (now Comida China de Manila)

I usually pass along C5 and I always notice and get curious  about a restaurant located across Tiendisitas. Have been to Mom and Tina's, a cozy resto located within the same confines on several occasions and have also been stopping over at Good Burgers quite regularly (a burger joint also in the same premise); perhaps, was just unfortunate that I may have been the last one to know about this restaurant, Panciteria San Jacinto (now carries a new name, Comida China de Manila).  Got to try this famous restaurant only the other week..hehe

School Activity: Field Demo

Bea in her Igorot costume

It's the 50th anniversary of St. Scholastica's Academy-Marikina. The major event to culminate this momentous occasion was through the field demonstrations of all their students from kinder to 4th year high.

A Lovely Birthday Gift

One of Bea's godmothers was born on July 8, got married  on July 8 at the age of _8.  She is Karina, my BFF.

Growing up

At age 9,  I am beginning to see signs that our baby Bea is slowly turning to become a big girl now.

Let me count the ways.  

St. Pio de Pietrelcina Chapel

St. Pio de Pietrelcina Chapel is better known as the Padre Pio Church in Libis, Quezon City.

Bono Yaki Premium Seafood Restaurant


We had our first dining experience at Bono Yaki last Father's Day.  

Father's Day

June 19, 2011 was a very spercial day. Aside from the 150th birthday commemoration of our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal; our family,  like most of the families all over the world, celebrated Father's Day on that day.


You maybe wondering who Romeo is in our lives...  Well, it's actually a restaurant cum gimmick place we used to frequent located along Sumulong Hi-way in Antipolo City.  Romeo's Spice and Steak Japanese Restaurant is a combination of both a Filipino kitchen and a Japanese resto.  

Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

It's my birthday and I wanted to make a wish.  I recalled a Pinoy belief that upon entering a church where you've never been before, knock and make a wish and this will surely be granted.  Hence, I decided to look for an unchartered church in Antipolo by Google search.  The Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary captured my eyes; thus, I looked for directions via the Google map. 


Our family has a yearly tradition of going on summer outing.  This year, unlike the previous years where we would usually spend it in Los Banos private pools, we decided to spend it in a beach  this time instead.  We chose the San Fabian Beach, Pangasinan for its powdery  sand though it's obviously not as white as the one in Boracay.  

Pinoy Tradition: "Pamamanhikan"

Pamamanhikan is when the man and his parents go to meet the woman's family and ask for her parents' blessings to marry their daughter.  It's also the time for the parents of the woman to get to know the parents and the family of the man.  During the pamamanhikan,  the man and his parents bring some gifts or food to be shared with the whole family of the woman.  Wedding plans are discussed and the man and the woman formally become engaged to be married.

Happy Birthday, Minay!

Bea's grandma, Minay (mi from mommy and nay from nanay), will celebrate her  nth birthday next week.  As early as now, Bea is having a hard time thinking of a gift that can surely be loved by Minay.  As a mother, I told her that Minay will definitely love any thing that comes from her.  After endless suggestions and discussions, Bea still couldn't decide and still thought that her grandma is worth more than any of things that we have discussed.

Back to School!

By this time, we should have  already started to prepare for the coming school year 2011-2012.

In fact, during the Holy Week vacation, Bea and I had already cleared out the clutter in her cabinet. A week past, we  bought her black shoes and white P.E. shoes.  The week after that, Bea also tried to fit all her old school uniforms to know if they are still ok to be re-used. 

Enrollment Time!

Get ready, enrollment time is here once again! It is in this time of the year - scorching hot and not very receptive at that - that I would really want to make sure that everything is in order and that there will be no hassles and glitches before going to Bea's school for this coming school year's enrollment.

With this objective, I just came out with a checklist of necessary information and documents to comply with primarily.

Mother's Day Surprise!

by MWofBea's guest writer, Bea Pauline (with minimal supervision from her Mom)

created by Bea Pauline

"A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them." - Victor Hugo

It's Mother's Day on May 8!  This is your chance to show your love and affection to your sweet Mom by surprising her!

Flores de Mayo

February 2006

I have always remembered the month of May as the time for beautiful sagalas or the  procession of lovely kids and gorgeous ladies.

Apple Cut


Beat the the extreme summer heat...
as Bea wears her new hair style courtesy of her lifelong hair dresser, ME!:)

Lenten Season: Easter Dinner

After attending the Easter Sunday Holy Mass at the St. Paul of the Cross Parish, we decided to celebrate and have a Japanese Easter dinner.  We tried Tamagoya! Noodle House, a relatively new Japanese restaurant along Soliven Ave., Mayamot, Antipolo (a few meters away from Sumulong Highway).

Upon entering the restaurant, we were welcomed by the jolly greetings all the way from their parking attendant, down to their cashier, waiters and other restaurant personnel.   


Let me share with you some important firsts of Bea when she was still a baby.

I saw her first smile and she held her head up when she was 2 months old.

On her 4th month, she first tried and succeeded to roll over.

Lenten Season: Visita Iglesia

It is our family's tradition to visit churches during the Lenten Season.  

For several years, we did the  traditional Visita Iglesia, alternately in Quezon City, Pasig City, Manila and Marikina City.  

Summer is here! (part 4)

        Bea's summer was always composed of  never 
ending water activities.  
She was always ready to wear her two-piece swim suits
and enjoy the coolness of the pool,  may it be day or night. 

Summer is here! (part 2)

I hope everybody's here to join me once again. 

Let me start now in 2007. 

Bea was trying to ease and beat the summer heat by simply soaking in a laundry tub or "batya" filled with  water.

Summer is here! (part 1)

It's summer and I want you to see Bea enjoying under the heat of the smiling sun.  :-D

So huggable!
T. Leon and Jarina families
in Laguna

Lenten Season: 2009

It was a meaningful and new experience for Bea during the lenten season of 2009.

Arrogant Agent

I had  encountered a bad experience  with a certain Ms. Cris, a Sales Executive of a well known hotel at the corner of Makati and Ayala Avenues, Makati City.  This hotel was once associated with the former military rebel  and now an elected senator of the Land. 

2010 Singapore and Kuala Lumpur - Final Day in Clark

The next day, we boarded the first flight of Air Asia going back to Manila.  We got surprised when we saw the terminal of Air Asia.  It has humongous   grounds with more than a hundred parked planes.  There were about 20 columns and on each column  were about 10 rows of Air Asia Passenger planes. With that sight alone, there was no denying  that Air Asia is such a big time airline player in Malaysia.

One Lovely Blog Award

Surprises keep on approaching!  :-)

The other day, I was followed by Charm via NetworkedBlogs.

This time, I just learned that I was given an award from a sweet blogger, Mama Mia.   It's really a big surprise for me being a newcomer here in the world of blogging.  

Mama Mia, thank you so much!  This award really means a lot to me.  :-)

Please click Another Lovely Blog Award! by Mama Mia.  Posted in her blog site named Online Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom on March 17, 2011. 

2010 Singapore and Kuala Lumpur - Third Day in KL

We left Singapore for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via the first flight of Air Asia.   This time, we departed from one of the most beautiful airports in the world, the Changi Airport.  On the onset,  we felt we were  being welcome in a first class flight because of the relaxing lounge with wall mounted TV and readily available computers with free internet access. 

Bea was so excited to log-in to her Facebook account but the numerous security procedures simply made her loose her interest and patience. However,it wasn't long before she found herself trying the free foot massage machine and stayed there for the rest of our waiting time before boarding.   

Networked Blogs

Logo by Networked Blogs
I wanted Magical World of Bea to be exposed and be found easily in the WWW so I decided to be added into a blog directory on the web called  NetworkedBlogs. It's an extension of a Facebook application that made it popular especially to bloggers with Facebook account.  


Logo by Facebook

Facebook, a social network website that helps to be connected, be shared and be exposed in the WWW.  It is not only for individuals but also for groups, websites and, to be particular, blog sites like this place.

Facebook is no. 1 on the list of the traffic sources of this blog site, Magical World of Bea.  With Facebook, this site has been known and reached by my family members and circle of friends.

Prayer In Time of Natural Disaster

Photo by CNN
Heavely Father, a catastrophe happened today and it has saddened us greatly.

Such evil presents a problem for all people and we beg You to help us to accept it in the best way that we can.

Chef Bea

Last weekend, for the first time, I obliged Bea to help me cook our lunch.  She helped me prepare the ingredients of the sauted baguio beans.  She crashed and peeled the garlic, sliced the onion and tomato while I took care of the baguio beans, sayote and carrots.   When the ingredients were ready, I started by teaching Bea how to saute.  At first, she was afraid to touch the ladle and be near the frying pan on top of the stove.  Eventually, she overcame her fear and enjoyed cooking. 

School Activity: Buwan ng Wika

Bea chose to be a member of Angelic Voices Club in St. Scholactica's Academy-Marikina. There, she learned a lot of songs with actions. She used them as her performance pieces during our family gatherings, especially during Christmas. This made her earn more than a fair share to add to the the aguinaldos she received that time.   


Go to IntenseDebateI'm happy to announce that I just installed Intense Debate to have better thread of comments.

Post your comments now!  :-)

9th Birthday at Healthy Shabu-Shabu

Bea loves to eat shabu-shabu.  Her wish was granted during her 9th birthday as we brought her to Healthy Shabu-Shabu in Shangri-La Plaza. It was our third time to dine in that resto.

2010 Singapore and Kuala Lumpur - Second Day in SG

In the early morning of our second day in Sentosa, Singapore, we enjoyed the cold water of Siloso Beach Resort swimming pool.  Bea loves to swim especially with her very special playmate, her papa Jun. 

25th year Celebration of EDSA

Since there were no classes that day, Bea, together with Jun, joined the 25th Anniversary Celebration of People Power I in EDSA.  Jun has decided to immerse Bea on the celebration for her to see and feel for herself the intensity of the Filipino Pride.

2010 Singapore and Kuala Lumpur - First Day in SG

In the early months of 2010, Air Asia and Tiger Airways offered a promo fare going to selected Asian countries.  Jun, Bea and I excitedly visited the respective websites and was able to book online for the 3 of us to Singapore via Tiger Airways for only P11K, then, via Air Asia, to Kuala Lumpur for only P4.5K; and back to Manila for another P4.5K.  Our total airfare of P20K was almost a half cheaper compared to our Cebu Pacific airfare in going to Hong Kong and Macau in 2008.    

2009 Summer in Cebu and Tagbilaran

It was Bea's second time to travel via plane and this time it's via Philippine Airlines (promo fare of P10,000++ for the 3 of us) bound to Cebu.  This was a summer get-a-way of the T.Leon family as well as my nth =) birthday celebration.