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Back to School!

By this time, we should have  already started to prepare for the coming school year 2011-2012.

In fact, during the Holy Week vacation, Bea and I had already cleared out the clutter in her cabinet. A week past, we  bought her black shoes and white P.E. shoes.  The week after that, Bea also tried to fit all her old school uniforms to know if they are still ok to be re-used. 

Today and the rest of the summer vacation, Bea and I still follow our schedule of things to do such as buying the school materials, labeling of all her school belongings, covering all the textbooks and notebooks and a lot more.

Here’s a pointer sheet as you begin your to-do-list.  Let's involve our child!  Do it with them and not for them.
  1. Spend one weekend to unclutter your kid’s closet.  Give away clothes and shoes that don’t fit anymore.  Teach your kid to let go of old toys and old school supplies. 
  2. The next weekend, let your kid fit the uniforms to check if they require alterations or if there's already a need to buy new ones.
  3. Buy all the school materials from textbooks to pens and ball pens.  Shop ahead of time for sales throughout the year.  Take an inventory before going to the store to avoid buying things you don’t need anymore.  Buy extras and keep them for later.
  4. Upon enrollment, get your child’s section, schedule and names of teachers.  This is for the labellings of all the textbooks and notebooks.  Upon attaching the label, cover it with plastic for protection.    
  5. Likewise, prepare the other school materials by sticking the labels.
  6. Finally,  arrange all the school materials inside the school bag. 
Do you have other tips?  Kindly share it here with all of us thru posting a comment.  :-D