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Summer is here! (part 3)

Bea’s first summer get-away for 2009 was in the 
God’s Love Family Farm in San Mateo, Rizal.  
We joined the gym barkada of Jun.

Bea with Amara

the conference hall
a good venue for company team building and planning

an al fresco chapel
a perfect place for a private wedding

Her second summer activity was during the Lenten season.  

I have a sole article about this entitled Lenten Season: 2009.  
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Bea with Ate Liam, Kuya JR and Kuya Sean
Then, third, the overnight swimming in Laguna with the whole 
Cruz family.

pa-cute smile!

Bea with Ate Kathlene and Ate Joy

Minay with her children and grandchildren

Lastly the Cebu and Bohol escapade of the T. Leon family.  

Kindly click here for the broad entry of this family vacation.

lunch @ Su Tu Kil

@ the Blood Compact
mom and daughter with TARSIER
lunch at Loboc River
with Ninang Belle, Tita Del, Ate Pia, Kuya Carlo and Kuya JR

on the way to the view deck
Chocolate Hills