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Logo by Facebook

Facebook, a social network website that helps to be connected, be shared and be exposed in the WWW.  It is not only for individuals but also for groups, websites and, to be particular, blog sites like this place.

Facebook is no. 1 on the list of the traffic sources of this blog site, Magical World of Bea.  With Facebook, this site has been known and reached by my family members and circle of friends.

The other day,  I'm so happy to welcome a new follower who is not part of our family and not a friend of mine.  This made me realized that this site has been able to get the interest of a stranger and just begun to fill a space in the WWW.  Tiny it may seems but, for me, this little space is such a huge ground that I can bit by bit spread my legsbody and arms until I will be able to stand.  

Hmm...  I will patiently wait for it because I know it will not be that easy.