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Harbor View

We'll never get tired of coming back here at Harbor View.  We love the calmness of the ocean; the school of small fishes jumping like tiny waves; and most of all, the sumptuous dishes served on our table. 

Kilawing Tanigue (my all time favorite!)

Baked Tahong

Stuffed Grilled Squid


Lechon Kawali

Refreshing Sago't Gulaman

I love HARBOR VIEW :-)

Philippine International Convention Center

It is Bea's first time to visit PICC so, as we walked inside, Jun and I guided and narrated a somehow history of the place.

Bea was carefully listening and asking for more info as she seriously examining the surroundings.  

Then, all of sudden, she utterly joke that she's in a school-organized field trip.  :-)

Well, actually, our reason of going to PICC was to attend the Holy Sacrament of the Mass and an hour of reflections/sharings organized by The Feast. It was a different experience for us. We felt light and refresh right after. 

Schedule of the Holy Mass arranged by The Feast are 7:30am, 9:30am and 10:30am. 


For a date place. :)

Bea felt she's not in a residential area in Marikina. 

Every table has a bottle of wine. 

I love the upholstery of their couch and stool as shown above. 

House salad (P200). The dressing tasted like the Bragg organic braggberry fat free dressing and marinade. 

Tasty lomo de res salpicao (P225)

Tuna in teriyaki sauce (P240)

Bea's favorite, katsudon (P195)

National wings (P180)

I love this idea. First time I saw the same in casitas at Club Punta Fuego. 

Nail Cottage

Bonding with Bea means visiting a nail salon.  Now we are trying the services of Nail Cottage Beauty Lounge & Day Spa along the becoming Lilac Street.

We are happy for the prompt, competent and skilled nail technicians.  We will definitely come back here again. 

Nail Cottage is beside Cupcake Bites Cafè.  See my post last year. 

Bà Nôi's

Bea wanted to taste some flavors of Vietnam so we entered the house of Bà Nöi in UP Town Center, Katipunan. 

We tried the following dishes:
Fried noodles
Fried Spring Roll

All was good except for spinach that was too salty for me. 

To have an idea on the foods to be ordered, here's their menu board. 


We decided to take the Manila East Road in going to Lucban using the reliable Google map. 

It was a great journey as we had a good view of rice fields and green mountains. 

We also passed the turbines in Pililla.  We got excited as we recalled our visit in Bangui. We hopefully wished that we would benefit from the energy it would produce. 

After 3.5 hours, we passed by the Lucban arch.   There was an additional hour as compared to the ETA of Google map because, unfortunately, there were a lot of cyclists on the road from Antipolo to Pagsanjan that made our trip slower. 

In 20 minutes, from the arch, we arrived at the municipal hall of Lucban. 
Bea shyly posed in front of the wall with pictures of former and present mayors. 

Adjacent to municipal building was the Patio Rizal and the Patio Rizal Restaurant and Hotel. 

We also visited and offered a short prayer in the nearby San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish Church. 

One will not go back to Manila without pasalubong.  We dropped by in the famous longganisa store of Lucban, Ekel and Ely, located at the back of the church, along A. Racelis Avenue.  Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of it. 

A small big note

I found this small note from my files and it struck me big time!

I l❤️ve you more, Bea!! 😃😃😃

Momsie Kitty

Simple pampering at Momsie Kitty. 

It's along Lilac Street here in SSS Village, Marikina.