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Panciteria San Jacinto (now Comida China de Manila)

I usually pass along C5 and I always notice and get curious  about a restaurant located across Tiendisitas. Have been to Mom and Tina's, a cozy resto located within the same confines on several occasions and have also been stopping over at Good Burgers quite regularly (a burger joint also in the same premise); perhaps, was just unfortunate that I may have been the last one to know about this restaurant, Panciteria San Jacinto (now carries a new name, Comida China de Manila).  Got to try this famous restaurant only the other week..hehe

School Activity: Field Demo

Bea in her Igorot costume

It's the 50th anniversary of St. Scholastica's Academy-Marikina. The major event to culminate this momentous occasion was through the field demonstrations of all their students from kinder to 4th year high.

A Lovely Birthday Gift

One of Bea's godmothers was born on July 8, got married  on July 8 at the age of _8.  She is Karina, my BFF.

Growing up

At age 9,  I am beginning to see signs that our baby Bea is slowly turning to become a big girl now.

Let me count the ways.