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2009 Summer in Cebu and Tagbilaran

It was Bea's second time to travel via plane and this time it's via Philippine Airlines (promo fare of P10,000++ for the 3 of us) bound to Cebu.  This was a summer get-a-way of the T.Leon family as well as my nth =) birthday celebration.

From the airport,  we went straight to the famous restaurant in Cebu called Sutukil  - Sugba (grilled), tunola (nilaga), kil (kilawin).  Fresh variety of seafoods were there ready to be chosen and be cooked in a way we wanted just like in 'Dampa' in Paranaque and in Libis.  Bea enjoyed the crabs and  prawns as always, aside from the  baked mussels.   
We checked-in at one of the top hotels in the city,  the Marco Polo Plaza.   The hotel has been known for its 'all-you-can-eat' buffet.  

Before going to bed on our first night, Bea and her cousins enjoyed the warm water of the hotel's swimming pool.  They were fully satisfied as they were the only ones using the big pool.  After almost 3 hours of dipping, the kids had to go to sleep early in preparation for our day tour in Bohol the following day.

In the morning, we were so amazed with the vast selection of breakfast menu offered by the Cafe Marco Restaurant of the Marco Polo Plaza.   Every food station has so much to offer aside from the well crafted presentation of each menu.  There were ready to be scooped and some fresh-ready-to-be-cooked menu in each station.  Bea was so confident to go around the buffet tables.  She was also certain on what she wanted to taste and eat.  She tried several pastries, different kinds of cheese, and yogurts.  For her finale, she personally requested the cook to prepare her a crepe with blueberries and she topped it with blueberry syrup, some sprinkles, peanuts and whip cream.

With bloated tummies=), we went to the Cebu Pier and boarded the OceanJet fast ferry going to Tagbilaran, Bohol.  The ferry was quite old and had a bad air conditioning system.  I presumed that the wash room was not that clean through the foul smell emanating from the door whenever it was opened .  After an hour and half, we alighted at the Tagbilaran Port.  Upon exit in the arrival hall, a pre-arranged tour guide and his driver was waiting for us.  He immediately told us that our tour would be in a hurry as our one day tour itinerary was ideally being captured for two days.   

On our way to the Loboc River, we passed by the Blood Compact Monument.  We took a rush photo op in front of the monument and immediately proceeded.  Another short stop was made to have a souvenir photo with the world famous smallest primate - the Tarsiers.  Surprisingly, Bea enjoyed looking and touching the tarsiers.  She found them so dainty and charming.  

We had our lunch on a boat cruising  the Loboc River.  The variety of food in the buffet table was typically  Filipino.  Though the food was not that special, we enjoyed our boat ride for we were serenaded by two young girls and their father.   Along the river, we also had a short stop  at a group of children that  played rondalla music and performed  folk dances.  Bea and her cousin, JR, playfully tried to play the banduria with the  other children.  Time was really short so we were not able to  see  and get inside the numerous museums and churches in Loboc.

Immediately after lunch, we headed to the Chocolate Hills.   Bea was able to take the more than hundred  steps going up to the view deck.  Then finally, it was so breathtaking for her to see before her eyes the natural wonders and beauty of the hills. 

On our way to the port,  we stopped by a souvenir shop where Bea bought a nice necklace made of shells.  We also bought several peanut kisses as our 'pasalubong' back home.    

Going back to Cebu, this time, our ride to OceanJet fast ferry was very comfortable as I had  a short nap.  

Upon arriving at the Marco Polo Plaza, we went straight to the Cafe Marco for another buffet  and this time for dinner.  For the second time, we enjoyed every bite and every taste of the prepared food presented in all the kitchen stations.  

Very tired and exhausted from the long day's activities, Bea still wanted to invite her cousins to swim; but ended sleeping so soundly in her spacious twin bed.       

The following morning and for the last time we spent our breakfast at Cafe Marco.  After the sumptuous breakfast, we went to  the Ayala Mall and bought several delicacies of Cebu from the Gaisano Supermarket.  

Early that afternoon, we boarded the Philippine Airlines flight going back to Manila.    

For flight and fast ferry bookings:
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For hotel accomodations:
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