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Hotel Experiences

As I was planning for Bea's birthday celebration/vacation in Hong Kong, I prepared ourselves to gain more confidence and get familiarized with the different classes of hotels in the Philippines.  Fortunately, opportunities came at the right time as Jun and I received complimentary and discounted vouchers from a four-star hotel up to the  most luxurious and upscale hotels in Makati and Manila. 

Hong Kong - Macau Sample Itinerary

This is our reliable and detailed itinerary that might be helpful for those who are planning to go to Hong Kong and Macau.  You may find that we inter changed some schedules from morning to afternoon and vice versa but just the same, we were able to have a full coverage of everything  that we had wanted to see.  

7th Birthday - Final Day

Our last day was as memorable as our first day in Hong Kong.

I was the first one who woke-up and was able to see the surroundings from the window of our suite.  There were a lot of on going building constructions. Perhaps by this time, those were already finished.  I saw several structures holding resorts and casinos.  We were not able to experience to go inside the infamous Venetian Casino since children were not allowed.  Jun, however, was able to pass-by  when he bought our breakfast but didn't stay that long either.

7th Birthday - Day 3

Our day three (3) started in the street of Goldfish/Flower/Bird Garden Market.  My husband, Bea and I were so amazed with the lovely, colorful, hard to find corals and  fishes we were watching in huge tanks.  I tried to take a picture of Bea with the coral reef tank as a background; but after one shot, I was advised that taking pictures was not allowed. Hence, we simply went from one fish tank to another.  Then afterwards, we took our pictures outside the stores and on the streets.    

7th Birthday - Day 2

Bea's birthday didn't end there.  We still had 3 more exciting and surprising days for our lovely Bea.

This is the beginning of another wonderful Day 2 in the land of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other famous Disney characters at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (Tickets:  Adult HK$295 / Child HK$210 already good for 2 days since we checked in @ Disney Hollywood Hotel).

7th Birthday

My husband, Jun, and I surprised Bea on her 7th birthday by bringing her to a place every child would probably dream of going - at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Here are some of our most memorable experiences that  Bea still loves to reminisce and recall every now and then.


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