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2010 Singapore and Kuala Lumpur - Second Day in SG

In the early morning of our second day in Sentosa, Singapore, we enjoyed the cold water of Siloso Beach Resort swimming pool.  Bea loves to swim especially with her very special playmate, her papa Jun. 

The surroundings slowly turned bright until we were able to see the beach.  Bea was so happy digging, playing and writing on the fine white sand which was actually imported from our very own Palawan shores.  Before going back to our room, we leisurely walked on the whole stretch of the Siloso Beach

We had our free buffet breakfast at the resort’s The Beach Café.  It was supposedly for two only but luckily, the Filipino attendant gave Bea a free buffet breakfast too.  The café offered a simple selection of cold cuts, variation of eggs, assortment of breads, congee, not to mention the array of drinks.  Bea and I had three plates of croissant, omelet, ham, and sausage.  We partnered it with a glass or two of fresh orange juice.  While Bea and I were enjoying ourselves, Jun was still trying to cope with the selection of food.  He was expecting to eat fried rice combined with any delicacy they had. 

Right after breakfast, we alighted a tram going to the Merlion.  We thought the Merlion inside the Sentosa was the original one but we found out that the original is located at the Marina Bay.  Jun instantly decided to squeeze in the Merlion, Marina Bay into our itinerary. In effect, we had to slash the Jewel Cable Car ride  and the Tiger Sky Tower

Before going to the Marina Bay, we went to  the recently introduced Universal Studios in Resorts World Sentosa Singapore.  We were so happy to have bought our tickets on line months ago as we saw a big signage announcing that the tickets for that day were already sold out.  

As we went through, we were amazed on the architectural beauty of the Resorts World Singapore.  Bea was all smiles all through out the long walk.  You would not hear any complaint on anything as she was appreciating  all the things around her. 

Finally, we were in front of the popular big rotating globe of Universal Studios where people, mostly Asian, were busy taking their souvenir photos.  Bea also got excited when she saw the enlarged bottle of Hershey’s Syrup.  As we went inside the theme park, Bea recalled her wonderful and unforgettable experience we had, as a family, in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Three SGD$5.00 coupons for souvenir items and three SGD$5.00 coupons for food were included as freebies in our tickets. 
Universal Studios Singapore has seven movie-themed attractions namely  New York, Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar.

As we strolled, we felt the aura and liveliness of New York City.  We had a wonderful time inside the Lights, Camera, Action by Steven Spielberg.  It was a setting of the Apple City that would be hit by a a strong typhoon.  Bea was so nervous as the sounds and effects were really close to reality.  As she tightly and closely held my hand, she screamed when there were strong winds, powerful explosions and flame bursts happening right in front of us. For the finale, her eyes popped out when she saw a big ship barging towards us.

In Hollywood, we found Charlie Chaplin in the street.  We were also able to watch a dynamic dance performance in front of the Pantages Hollywood Theater being done by our very own, Streetboys. It was a proud moment for all  the Pinoys there at that time.  At The Brown Derby, a souvenir shop, we tried the different colorful, funny, and silly costume hats.  Then in the other souvenir shop,  Silver Screen Collectibles,  Bea found a small trophy of the Oscars.  She playfully held it and acted as if she had received an Oscar award.  

We passed by the Sci-Fi City.  We only took a picture with one of the mascots there.  We didn't try Battlestar Galactica: Cyclon, world's tallest pair of dueling roller coaster, as we were not that brave enough and ready to make the attempt.  

Ditto with the Revenge of the Mummy in Ancient Egypt, also a roller coaster ride.  I believe our family is not a big fan of these kinds of ride as it didn't give us any thrill to test.

The Lost World has two themed areas, Jurassic Park and Waterworld.  We stayed longer in Jurassic Park.  Bea, with Jun and I, excitedly and bravely rode the Canopy Flyer to see the whole park.  We didn't miss the popular Rapids Adventure.  The long queue was worth it.  Bea was excited and nervous at the same time because she saw a lot of people getting wet after the boat ride in the wild man-made river.  Expectedly, we were all soaking wet when we finished and alighted from the ride.  Luckily, I prepared and brought one extra shirt for each of us.  

After a quick change of our shirts, we passed-by the other two attractions, Far Far Away and Madagascar.  We simply took our remembrance pictures with Po (Kungfu Panda) and Alex (Lion in Madagascar) as we were already exhausted from the Rapids Adventure ride.  Bea was so delighted touching and pinching big cutesy Po.   

For our finale on our second  day in Singapore, we went to Marina Bay for the original Merlion.  I was not prepared with the idea of going out of Sentosa; hence,  I requested for a taxi service from the front desk of our hotel to save more time.  Surprisingly, we had a lady driver for our cab.  Another amazing fact was  that a credit card could be used to pay the cab.  We spent SGD$10.00 from Siloso Beach Resort to Merlion Park, Marina Bay.

Bea had a good time walking at the park and taking pictures with the Merlion  as the background.  She adored the beauty of the tall buildings around the park as well as the glowing and colorful lights particularly from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  

We called it a night when we saw Bea's tired eyes.  Going back to Sentosa, we wanted to try the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) of Singapore. We took a cab going to Orchard Station for SGD$11.  From Orchard Station we transferred to Dhoby Ghaut North East Line Station to alight at the Harbour Front Station for us to get the Sentosa Express.  Our total MRT expenses was SGD$4.50/pax.  Bea was delighted in our MRT trips especially  with the themed, attractive and very well maintained train of the Sentosa Express.

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