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Lenten Season: Easter Dinner

After attending the Easter Sunday Holy Mass at the St. Paul of the Cross Parish, we decided to celebrate and have a Japanese Easter dinner.  We tried Tamagoya! Noodle House, a relatively new Japanese restaurant along Soliven Ave., Mayamot, Antipolo (a few meters away from Sumulong Highway).

Upon entering the restaurant, we were welcomed by the jolly greetings all the way from their parking attendant, down to their cashier, waiters and other restaurant personnel.   

We were likewise greeted  by  a Japanese guy, who, we later found out was the owner and chief cook of the restaurant. This, perhaps, explains the reason why the feel and ambiance seem really quite authentically  Japanese.

Their menu was displayed on the wall
aside from the menu on the table .

The space is quite uptight  on the ground
floor but they also have another
dining area on the second floor.
We ordered the following reasonably priced, appetizing and mouthwatering  ramen noodles and rice toppings. 

Miso Ramen @ P158
good for 2-3 persons

KaraAge Don @ P148
(Japanese Fried Chicken)
good for 1-2 persons

Katsu Don @ P148
(Pork Cutlet)
good for 1-2 persons

Yaki Gyoza @ P98
(Japanese Pork-Filled Dumplings)
good for 2-3 persons
The waitress was very polite and courteous.  She was very attentive to our needs as well.  She was always ready to refill our glasses of cold water.

Bea, with her new hair, loves noodles.
As well as  the
Japanese fried chicken
(KaraAge Don).
I was surprised when the cashier told me that there was no service charge and that they were not allowed to accept tips.  Instead, we were requested to simply come back if we were satisfied with their food and service.

On a side note though,  they are only accepting cash payment.

It's TAMAGOYA! Noodle House
(Tamagoya means "And Egg!")

I highly recommend this, 100%.  Ambiance, check!  Service, check! Food, check!  Value for your money, check!  Authentic Japanese cuisine, CHECK!