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Flores de Mayo

February 2006

I have always remembered the month of May as the time for beautiful sagalas or the  procession of lovely kids and gorgeous ladies.

Apple Cut


Beat the the extreme summer heat...
as Bea wears her new hair style courtesy of her lifelong hair dresser, ME!:)

Lenten Season: Easter Dinner

After attending the Easter Sunday Holy Mass at the St. Paul of the Cross Parish, we decided to celebrate and have a Japanese Easter dinner.  We tried Tamagoya! Noodle House, a relatively new Japanese restaurant along Soliven Ave., Mayamot, Antipolo (a few meters away from Sumulong Highway).

Upon entering the restaurant, we were welcomed by the jolly greetings all the way from their parking attendant, down to their cashier, waiters and other restaurant personnel.   


Let me share with you some important firsts of Bea when she was still a baby.

I saw her first smile and she held her head up when she was 2 months old.

On her 4th month, she first tried and succeeded to roll over.

Lenten Season: Visita Iglesia

It is our family's tradition to visit churches during the Lenten Season.  

For several years, we did the  traditional Visita Iglesia, alternately in Quezon City, Pasig City, Manila and Marikina City.  

Summer is here! (part 4)

        Bea's summer was always composed of  never 
ending water activities.  
She was always ready to wear her two-piece swim suits
and enjoy the coolness of the pool,  may it be day or night. 

Summer is here! (part 2)

I hope everybody's here to join me once again. 

Let me start now in 2007. 

Bea was trying to ease and beat the summer heat by simply soaking in a laundry tub or "batya" filled with  water.

Summer is here! (part 1)

It's summer and I want you to see Bea enjoying under the heat of the smiling sun.  :-D

So huggable!
T. Leon and Jarina families
in Laguna