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Pinoy Tradition: "Pamamanhikan"

Pamamanhikan is when the man and his parents go to meet the woman's family and ask for her parents' blessings to marry their daughter.  It's also the time for the parents of the woman to get to know the parents and the family of the man.  During the pamamanhikan,  the man and his parents bring some gifts or food to be shared with the whole family of the woman.  Wedding plans are discussed and the man and the woman formally become engaged to be married.

Bea's uncle, my brother, Kuya Kiss, has finally decided to marry his long time girlfriend, Ate Jina.  Being a true Filipino, we did the traditional pamamanhikan.  From San Joaquin, Pasig, we went all the way to Santa Barbara, Pangasinan to meet the whole family of Ate Jina.  

During the pamamanhikan, we discussed the date, time and place of the wedding.  Some details were also tackled like the reception, motif, list of principal and secondary sponsors and the rest of the entourage.  Bea will be one of the junior bridesmaids.  

the brothers and sisters
mothers of the couple

After the short deliberation, we shared the food we brought such as bibingka, suman and tupig (sign of sweet and true love) from the Villasis Bagsakan Market.  We pre-arranged the ordering of pancit palabok (sign of long life),  lechon, pork adobo, beef caldereta, fried chicken and fish kinilaw  because of the long travel time.   

The event turned out to be a success as both families welcomed each other and as we  become one big family.