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Chef Bea

Last weekend, for the first time, I obliged Bea to help me cook our lunch.  She helped me prepare the ingredients of the sauted baguio beans.  She crashed and peeled the garlic, sliced the onion and tomato while I took care of the baguio beans, sayote and carrots.   When the ingredients were ready, I started by teaching Bea how to saute.  At first, she was afraid to touch the ladle and be near the frying pan on top of the stove.  Eventually, she overcame her fear and enjoyed cooking. 

This weekend, she volunteered to help me cook the famous Filipino dish, ADOBO!  Ditto last week, she prepared all the ingredients. I was the one who fried the potatoes; the rest was done by Bea with minimal guidance from me.:)  

peeling the potatoes

putting pork in the frying pan

pouring soy sauce & vinegar

whole black pepper

ADOBO topped with fried potatoes 

tara, let's it eat! RAPSA!!!