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Lenten Season: 2009

It was a meaningful and new experience for Bea during the lenten season of 2009.

Arrogant Agent

I had  encountered a bad experience  with a certain Ms. Cris, a Sales Executive of a well known hotel at the corner of Makati and Ayala Avenues, Makati City.  This hotel was once associated with the former military rebel  and now an elected senator of the Land. 

2010 Singapore and Kuala Lumpur - Final Day in Clark

The next day, we boarded the first flight of Air Asia going back to Manila.  We got surprised when we saw the terminal of Air Asia.  It has humongous   grounds with more than a hundred parked planes.  There were about 20 columns and on each column  were about 10 rows of Air Asia Passenger planes. With that sight alone, there was no denying  that Air Asia is such a big time airline player in Malaysia.

One Lovely Blog Award

Surprises keep on approaching!  :-)

The other day, I was followed by Charm via NetworkedBlogs.

This time, I just learned that I was given an award from a sweet blogger, Mama Mia.   It's really a big surprise for me being a newcomer here in the world of blogging.  

Mama Mia, thank you so much!  This award really means a lot to me.  :-)

Please click Another Lovely Blog Award! by Mama Mia.  Posted in her blog site named Online Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom on March 17, 2011. 

2010 Singapore and Kuala Lumpur - Third Day in KL

We left Singapore for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via the first flight of Air Asia.   This time, we departed from one of the most beautiful airports in the world, the Changi Airport.  On the onset,  we felt we were  being welcome in a first class flight because of the relaxing lounge with wall mounted TV and readily available computers with free internet access. 

Bea was so excited to log-in to her Facebook account but the numerous security procedures simply made her loose her interest and patience. However,it wasn't long before she found herself trying the free foot massage machine and stayed there for the rest of our waiting time before boarding.   

Networked Blogs

Logo by Networked Blogs
I wanted Magical World of Bea to be exposed and be found easily in the WWW so I decided to be added into a blog directory on the web called  NetworkedBlogs. It's an extension of a Facebook application that made it popular especially to bloggers with Facebook account.  


Logo by Facebook

Facebook, a social network website that helps to be connected, be shared and be exposed in the WWW.  It is not only for individuals but also for groups, websites and, to be particular, blog sites like this place.

Facebook is no. 1 on the list of the traffic sources of this blog site, Magical World of Bea.  With Facebook, this site has been known and reached by my family members and circle of friends.

Prayer In Time of Natural Disaster

Photo by CNN
Heavely Father, a catastrophe happened today and it has saddened us greatly.

Such evil presents a problem for all people and we beg You to help us to accept it in the best way that we can.

Chef Bea

Last weekend, for the first time, I obliged Bea to help me cook our lunch.  She helped me prepare the ingredients of the sauted baguio beans.  She crashed and peeled the garlic, sliced the onion and tomato while I took care of the baguio beans, sayote and carrots.   When the ingredients were ready, I started by teaching Bea how to saute.  At first, she was afraid to touch the ladle and be near the frying pan on top of the stove.  Eventually, she overcame her fear and enjoyed cooking. 

School Activity: Buwan ng Wika

Bea chose to be a member of Angelic Voices Club in St. Scholactica's Academy-Marikina. There, she learned a lot of songs with actions. She used them as her performance pieces during our family gatherings, especially during Christmas. This made her earn more than a fair share to add to the the aguinaldos she received that time.   


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