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Floriana Marie

Bea's youngest, cute and 'sexy' cousin.

Fried Oreos

Bea craved for Oreo and wanted to try fried Oreos for merienda.

Curly Hair

School Activity: 2012 Buwan ng Wika

My Filipiniana baby girl

Bea had so much fun in school. They had a short program wherein she, with her group, performed a sayawit of "Mga Kababayan Ko" by Francis M. Had food sharing with her classmates. Then, only on this day, her English teacher was allowed to teach in Tagalog. 😄

Our Lady of Monte Maria

Our Lady of Monte Maria

A place of healing for humanity and nature.

RSM Lutong Bahay

RSM Lutong Bahay Untitled Untitled RSM Tagaytay ceiling Untitled RSM Lutong Bahay in Tagaytay is located along the crater side of Aguinaldo Highway. It is one of the restaurants that have the perfect view of the famous Taal Volcano. I can highly recommend for balikbayans. Untitled For reservations: Aguinaldo Highway Maharlika East, Tagaytay City Tel. No. (046) 481866, (046) 5440128

Bea at Via Mare

Bea at Via Mare

Bea at Via Mare 2

Bea had a very satisfied taste buds and tummy at Via Mare, Shangri-La Mall, located near the main entrance.

Via Mare: Crispy Pata

Via Mare's Crispy Pata
It's tasty and crispy as a traditional home made one only it doesn't look like pata.  Superb and sagad to the bones! :D

Via Mare: Sinigang na Hipon

Via Mare's Sinigang na Hipon

I love Via Mare's sinigang na hipon for its well blended sourness, sweet shrimps and fresh veggies.  A perfect meal for a cold rainy weather.

Mary Grace

Bea at Mary Grace Bea had a slice of Velvet Cake at Mary Grace located at the 2nd level of Eastwood Mall, Quezon City. She relished it together with her Chatime Taro Milktea...Sweet over sweet?!?...Hmmmm...Bea must have left Eastwood with a very happy taste buds. :)

Back to Homebase

Masan Garden After trying out Je Ju Garden, exactly 4 days passed and I was back to where my heart belongs, Masan Garden. :)

Je Ju Garden: Jang-Uh Gui

Je Ju Garden: Jang-Uh Gui Je Ju Garden gave this complimentary jang-uh gui, a broiled eel with tomato and onion ensalada, together with ginger on the side. Eel It's the first time for Bea to taste an eel and she undoubtedly loved it as she almost finished the whole plate.

Je Ju Garden: Samgyeopsal Accompaniments

Je Ju Garden: Samgyeopsal Accompaniments - I forgot to take a picture of Samgyeopsal- thin slices of pork similar to uncured bacon being grilled with slices of garlic in front of us. Its usual accompaniments are lettuce and perilla leaves, garlic, and soyabean paste. At Je Ju Garden, they also have this yummy, sour, and very thinly sliced raddish. It tastes like cucumber salad and it was so refreshing. (Total cost: P250/order.) Samgyeopsal is commonly being ingested by placing a piece of meat on top of the lettuce and/or perilla leaves with garlic and soyabean paste and some rice, wrap it up then eat. Others add some of the appetizers in the mix. Hmmm.. I'm starting to crave for it now. Haha! Bea Enjoys Here, Bea was preparing for her 3rd set.

Je Ju Garden: Appetizers

Je Ju Garden: Appetizers From top left: Pajeon (kimchi pancake), steamed spinach with sesame seeds, and fish strips with kimchi sauce. Below from left: Kimchi, spicy quail eggs, and sweetened sweet potatoes. They were very generous as they didn't wait for you to ask for refill.

Je Ju Garden: Free Soup

Je Ju Garden: Miso Soup A simple but hot miso soup with cabbage and Baguio beans. Perfect for the cold and rainy day.

Je Ju Garden Restaurant

Je Ju Garden From the name itself, it is obvious that this is a Korean Restaurant. This one is located along Marcos Hi-way, Antipolo City, across Vermont Royale Executive Village when moving towards Masinag Market.


Uno In every weekend that Bea is in the company of her hilarious cousins, she always enjoys it. They don't seem to run out of activities. May it be as calm as singing their favorite songs while Ate Kyla plays the guitar; or as hurly-burly as racing and running around inside the house. This time, they are playing Uno, a game using a specially printed deck of cards. It's quite easy. It's just that one should know when to hold and when to put down important cards. For me, it's not only for kids. Young at heart adults will surely enjoy it as well! :D Thanks to Ate Tess for the picture.

Ice creams

Korean pinipig crunch and frozen yogurt Melts in your mouth... Hihihi... A MUST try Korean ice creams. :D

Bea at Ga Mi Jung

Bea at Ga Mi Jung by Malen31
Bea at Ga Mi Jung, a photo by Malen31 on Flickr.

Korean pinipig crunch and frozen yogurt for dessert. Hmmm... Yummy! :D (Php30 each)

Ga Mi Jung: Pork Galbi

Was very tasteful and very reasonably priced at Php250.

Ga Mi Jung: Japchae

Ga Mi Jung's Japchae by Malen31
Ga Mi Jung's Japchae, a photo by Malen31 on Flickr.

My favorite and now Bea's favorite too, crystal noodles. Php350.

Ga Mi Jung: Appetizers

Ga Mi Jung's appetizers by Malen31
Ga Mi Jung's appetizers, a photo by Malen31 on Flickr.

The ever free and refillable appetizers of Ga Mi Jung, just like my ever favorite Korean resto, Masan Garden.

Ga Mi Jung: Dining Area

Photo0213 by Malen31
Photo0213, a photo by Malen31 on Flickr.

Ga Mi Jung has this typical Korean dining area where one has to seat on the floor.

Ga Mi Jung

Tried Ga Mi Jung, a Korean restaurant, along Sumulong Hi-way, Antipolo. It's located to your left when ascending to Antipolo town proper from Masinag intersection.


Happy tummy with friends at SumoSam in SM Megamall, Bldg. A, Basement (beside Surplus Shop).

Private pool

A weekend bonding moment with cousins in Rizal.

Minay and Kuya A

Happy birthday po! Hugs and kisses.

Much love, Bea.


Look at what I've found in Minay's room.

Sanchez and Cruz Nuptial in 1969.


Yummy for midnight snacks!


Is a night food fair for new entrepreneurs.

They have several outlets and this one is located at the open carpark of Shopwise Libis. It operates during Tueadays only and usually starts at 7pm and closes at around 4am the following day. Every outlet, like the Forum, Meralco Avenue and SM Cubao, has its own schedule.

Bea and her cousins tried and enjoyed shawarma, isaw and bbq's, cakes such as blueberry cheesecake, carrot cake and chocolate cake. Aside from these, we likewise saw other delicacies such as Mexican, Korean and, of course, our very own Filipino food. They all look so yummy and delectable but so happened that we just had our dinner at Tiendesitas that time before dropping by that's why our hefty appetites were easily put on check. ;-)


A refreshing premium ice cream made from Korea.

I usually buy this at Wang Mart, a Korean convenient store along Polaris Street in Makati. It has two flavors namely Espresso and Berrymix. I prefer Espresso over the other.

Compared to the very popular Selecta's Magnum, I super like Cledor for it's not too sweet crunchy choco coating and creamy ice cream filling.

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Hoping for your continuous support. Thank you.

Beef Bulgogi

Beef Bulgogi
Beef Bulgogi
Here's another simple Korean recipe that I would like to share with you all.

Kimchi Pajeon

kimchi pajeon
As I mentioned in my previous post, Lenten Season: Easter Lunch, and as requested by friends, I would like to share with you all my simple recipe of Kimchi Pajeon.

Lenten Season: Easter Lunch

dining tableAfter a week of pure fish and vegetables, Papa chose to have an Easter Sunday Korean lunch at the comfort of our very own home.

Jun cooked the samgyupsal, beef bulgogi, tofu, and ramyun while I did the kimchi pajeon, steamed spinach w/ sesame oil and  the Korean beef stew.  Of course, this will all not be a complete Korean banquet without the ever present kimchi and soyabean paste from Masan Garden.