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Bono Yaki Premium Seafood Restaurant


We had our first dining experience at Bono Yaki last Father's Day.  

It is strategically located at the 2nd floor of Corby 1 Building along Libis, Quezon City.  One would not miss the place as it has a huge signage at  the facade and another eye catching neon light signage at the side of the building.  Parking is not a problem for the building's front space is  allocated as a wide stretch of parking slots. Basement parking is likewise available

facade signage
(pls. bear with the rain drops)

well lighted ,ventilated, air-conditioned dining area

main buffet table

Bono Yaki has been known for the eat-all-you-can (P580 per pax) of fresh red and white meats to be grilled/cooked on a Korean grill pan mounted at the center of every dining table.  

wide selection of fresh meats

In addition, prepared and cooked dishes were artistically served in the various buffet tables such as Korean dishes & appetizers, Japanese food choices, Chinese dishes and an array of desserts. 

selection of desserts
toppings for ice cream
variety of mini cakes

One should endure all of it as every bite is certain to bring so much pleasure in one's taste buds.   

Waiters and waitresses were all very attentive to give instant action in every request - may it be as simple as refilling our glasses with water or replacing the skillet on the griller.   The Korean owners were also hands-on in replenishing the food platters, cleaning the buffet stations and attending to most of the customers hopping from table to table.   

One thing that unfortunately didn't pass  my standards though was the poor maintenance of their toilets. A permanently stationed janitor in the comfort rooms should have been assigned to regularly monitor the availability of toiletries especially tissue rolls and the like; and to maintain the upkeep and cleanliness of their toilets at all times.

All in all, we and our tummies were all happy and full when we left the restaurant taking pride for a complete, good (bono) and grilled (yaki) food.