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Happy Birthday, Minay!

Bea's grandma, Minay (mi from mommy and nay from nanay), will celebrate her  nth birthday next week.  As early as now, Bea is having a hard time thinking of a gift that can surely be loved by Minay.  As a mother, I told her that Minay will definitely love any thing that comes from her.  After endless suggestions and discussions, Bea still couldn't decide and still thought that her grandma is worth more than any of things that we have discussed.
With this dilemma,  let us  please help her decide by giving your vote with the choices of gifts below:

     1.  A picture of Bea with her grandma in a special frame.

    2.  A personalized birthday card to let her know how important she is.

     3.  A lipstick or a good perfume are two of  Minay's favorites.  

What do you think is the best gift that Bea should give to Minay? 

Please vote by simply typing the corresponding number of the given choice in the comment box.  Thank you in advance!

Note:  A simple token of appreciation awaits to the first voter of the most numbered choice.  So hurry, post your vote... now!  :-D