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Summer is here! (part 2)

I hope everybody's here to join me once again. 

Let me start now in 2007. 

Bea was trying to ease and beat the summer heat by simply soaking in a laundry tub or "batya" filled with  water.
She was even joined by her lovely cousins - Ate Yam, Kuya JR and Kuya Sean.
What are you doing, Kuya JR?    :-D
Tita Liza and her family from KSA had their summer vacation here in the Philippines. We brought them to Villa Escudero in San Pablo, Laguna. 
Villa Escudero
at the reception area
with Kuya Natan
with Ninang Belle and Tita Liza
Bea with her cousins
with Kuya JR
By age 6, Bea was trying to learn how to float and swim on her own.
In 2008,  Bea begun the summer by joining her cousins in Pasig in their portable swimming pool.
with Ate Kathlene, Ate Joy, Kuya A, Cli & Ate Ky
Then in May, we surprised Minay by giving her a luau party to celebrate her 70th birthday.

In this picture, Bea and her cousins were patiently waiting for Minay to arrive and greet her, Aloha!.
Surprise 70th Birthday party for Minay
 @ Lakeview Manor Clubhouse
Taguig City
Hawaiian dance with cousin, Clia. 

To the tune of Pearly Shell.

Our family picture!

Lastly, and before the summer ended, we didn't miss the annual
GMA 7  Kapuso Summer Outing at EK!
Enchanted Kingdom

Oops!  The kids requested to make the most of their last day before the opening of the school year.  They had their last hurrah with  a visit at  
Boni High Street!
Boni High Street
with Ate Yam, Kuya Josh, Kuya Natan, Kuya Sean & Kuya JR
'Summer is here!' doesn't stop here!  
Wait for another part!  
Till next time!  
See you again!