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Summer is here! (part 4)

        Bea's summer was always composed of  never 
ending water activities.  
She was always ready to wear her two-piece swim suits
and enjoy the coolness of the pool,  may it be day or night. 
Bea's Ninang Agnes from California 
had her 2010 summer vacation here in the Philippines.  

We let her experience our traditional private night swimming in 
Pansol, Laguna.
May 2010

The following month, 
 Bea's Ninang May surprised us by coming home from Dubai.  
In the evening, out of sheer gladness, excitement and spontaneity,  we joked around and dared each other to go to Baguio the soonest
The next morning, at 5AM, we found ourselves on the road to the 
City of Pines! :)

June 2010
the new SCTEX H-way

Cruz Family in Baguio!

Bea with her cousins


Pulgoso in Mines View

Valentine in Summer!

What do you think will be Bea's activities for this summer?
Wanna guess?