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Insalata Mista

An Italian mixed grilled vegetable salad is called InsalataMista alla Griglia.

I like the taste of this salad. It's different from the normal fresh garden salad.  The juice coming out from grilled vegetable and a small amount of salt is unexpectedly tasty. 

Try it at Bellini's Italian Restaurant in Marikina. 

Flowers 🌺 and Stars ⭐️

These what made me busy in my two-week staycation, crocheting. 

Crocheted coaster flowers.  6 pieces glass coasters and 1 piece pitcher coaster.

Crocheted coaster stars. 4 pieces glass coasters and 1 piece pitcher coaster. Stars are bigger than the flowers. 

Thanks to Pinterest for the patterns. It helped me a lot and made it easier for a beginner like me. 

H❤️N Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil

We, Bea and I, attend the recent turnover of Human ❤️ Nature's magalogue in H❤️N Marikina.

Ms. Joy, the owner, demonstrated the safeness of H❤️N Bug Sheild DEET-Free Oil, an anti-mosquito repellent. 

As shown above, the styrofoam was as smooth as its in original form even after hours of having the  H❤️N Bug Shield unlike the other 2 brands. 

There's really a big difference of having a ❤️ in a brand.  😊