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A Lovely Birthday Gift

One of Bea's godmothers was born on July 8, got married  on July 8 at the age of _8.  She is Karina, my BFF.

Karina is not a fan of  the traditional and excessively elaborate wedding.  She is not comfortable wearing a long gown,  well-done hair and well-detailed make-up.  She's a simple lady who loves privacy and prefers intimate gatherings.

Hence on her wedding day, which happened to be also her birthday, she wore an off the rack white dress.  Her face, barely touched by cosmetics.  She only had a deep red lipstick that complimented her fairly white skin.  Her 1 inch-heeled shoes completed her elegantly sophisticated look.

Sim, Karina, me and Jun
Ditto, his groom, Sim looked very good in his barong Tagalog.   His being a lawyer was very evident.  He looked very dignified indeed.

with preggy Daizy

It was very unfortunate that Bea was not able to witness the wedding of her ninang because it was in conflict with her school schedule.

Congratulations, Ninong Sim and Ninang Karina!