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Panciteria San Jacinto (now Comida China de Manila)

I usually pass along C5 and I always notice and get curious  about a restaurant located across Tiendisitas. Have been to Mom and Tina's, a cozy resto located within the same confines on several occasions and have also been stopping over at Good Burgers quite regularly (a burger joint also in the same premise); perhaps, was just unfortunate that I may have been the last one to know about this restaurant, Panciteria San Jacinto (now carries a new name, Comida China de Manila).  Got to try this famous restaurant only the other week..hehe

The main dining hall has a country-style theme while the function rooms have their own individual motifs.   Clearly, there were traces that the place was built years ago. But surprisingly enough, it was still very well maintained and the ambiance was still oh so pleasing.

The waiters were well attentive and courteous.  

San Jacinto caters Chinese dishes like the widely known Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu,  Spring Fried Chickcen, Pancit Canton, Pata tim, Yang Chow Fried rice, among many others.  They were all so appetizingly delicious.   Every spoonful of each viand with fried rice was so satisfying.  In addition, their lychee almond jelly dessert was served refreshingly cold.   

My experience would not have been complete without a visit to their restroom.  Basic toiletries were readily available like hand soap, paper towel and tissue roll.  From the sink to the flooring,  it was spotlessly clean, upkept and bright.

Highly recommended especially to all the Cantonese dishes fan out there and for those looking for a venue to celebrate birthdays, baptismals, weddings and other occasions.

For reservations:
FRDC Bldg.
106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5)
Pasig City
Tel. No.: 671-5942 / 914-0830 or 32