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Daddy Bertz Cafe

A cafe/restaurant along Lilac Street, SSS Village, Marikina City.

Bea tried their Chicken Parmigiana while Jun craved for Burger; as their Grilled Liempo appealed to me dearly. Our orders were all good but their Burger stood out the most. It's mouthwatering taste and aroma and visibly melting cheese tickled our eyes, taste buds and tummies as well.

Cheese Burger

Note: Be ready with your cash as they don't accept credit cards.

Daddy Bertz Cafe
#70 Lilac St., Concepcion 2, Marikina City 1811
(02) 234-0651

Cafe Lupe

We first caught this restaurant in Guadalupe, Makati City back in 2007. We were very satisfied in terms of the taste and presentation of their food; promptness of their service; and the uniqueness of the ambiance as they were located right underneath the biggest billboard in EDSA. Having that in mind, we were excited to reminisce our dining experience then with the night's cool breeze of January in their newest Sumulong High-way, Antipolo City branch.

As we ascend the stairs towards their open air dining area, I personally felt the gradual change of temperature from coolness in the parking lot to warmness inside the restaurant. Looking around, It must have been that the cold of wind was being blocked by the wide wall behide the bar.

To continue, we guided ourselves in the available table at the veranda to enjoy the perfect panoramic view of Metro Manila evening skyline. Few minutes have passed before a waiter finally took our orders. We were made to wait anew that prompted us to make another follow-up. After a minute or two,we had one of our orders; few more minutes for the second and another full 15 minutes until all our orders were served. The food was relatively good but could have been better if they were all served simultaneously and straight from the stove. Further, menu was a bit unreasonable and steeply priced as well.

In summary, we were so disappointed that night considering that Jun and I were celebrating our nth wedding anniversary. Take this post as a warning though...think twice or even thrice before opting to visit this place.