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Arrogant Agent

I had  encountered a bad experience  with a certain Ms. Cris, a Sales Executive of a well known hotel at the corner of Makati and Ayala Avenues, Makati City.  This hotel was once associated with the former military rebel  and now an elected senator of the Land. 

She was trying to reach my boss to offer their membership card.  For so many times, she was not able to discuss it with him brought about by the very tight schedule of his being one of the bank's  top executives.  To help Ms. Cris and as a secretary, I relayed to my boss  the said offer and, instantly, he told me that he was not interested.  He just recently acquired two memberships from 2 other more prominent hotels.

Weeks passed until Ms. Cris called again.  Ditto, with her previous attempts, she was not able to talk to my boss.  To give her a hint, I told her that apparently my boss was not fascinated.  Upon saying that, she interrupted me by saying that she couldn’t accept that since she has not been given the chance to discuss the perks of the membership card yet.  She continuously said her piece.  She mentioned something about luring top executives of another private bank she branded as the best bank.  She stated that their membership card was exclusively being offered only to those VIPs.  For almost 30 seconds, I patiently listened to her litany.  I had to stretch my forbearance as I was very much identified as a secretary of my boss and an employee of our company.    After that, she inquired on the best time to call again.  Before giving her what she wanted, I told her to listen and let me finish what I had to say first.  I gave her an option but I felt that she would like me to make my boss  available for her as she asked for my boss’ schedules for the next day, days and the coming week.  Honestly, I was already getting very near the boiling point then; and couldn't help but ask "How insensitive and arrogant can one get?!"