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Essential Oils

Excited to share my most trusted essential oils.  The EOs from Human ❤️ Nature.  

I'm using almost all of H ❤️ N's  EOs like, lavender for, yes, good sleep, peppermint for anti-ant (and cockroach as well), tee tree for our clothes, rosemary for healthy scalp and mind focus, sunflower for so many uses.. too many to mention, and citronella for mosquito. 

Lavender Oil

Peppermint Oil

Tee Tree Oil

Rosemary Oil

Sunflower 🌻 Oil

Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent with Citronella Leaf Natural Oil

I'm using all these EOs since H ❤️ N launched them.  I'm addicted to them.  

Proudly sharing Philippine 🇵🇭 made products. 😊


Delicere is a newly opened garden-inspired restaurant in Marikina City.  

A restaurant whose mantra is...


Sisig Php220.  Cooked in right crunchiness.

Tuna Salpicao Php 260.  Overload as the included rice was not enough compared with the generous serving of tuna. Greenies have part on the plate.

Asian Beef Stew Php260.  A slow cooked short ribs garnished with sesame seeds.

Roast Beef with Mushroom Cream Sauce Php260.  Served with rice and green salad. 

Panna Cotta Php120.  Made with cream milk and vanilla bean topped with fresh sweet ripe cubed size mangoes.  Complimentary of the owner, Mic.


Every bite while flavor tingled every tastebuds and eased tummy's hunger.  

The prompt assistance/service given by attentive waiters made us feel special and at home. 


In the environment-friendly garden ambiance.

With classic instrumental music playing in the background. 


For more information, visit Delicere's Facebook account

Gourmet's Cafe

Our family loves Tagaytay. This is why having our breakfast there was not surprisingly unique for us.

Our usual route has always been via Eton and Paseo de Sta. Rosa from SLEX; but nowadays, traffic in the area is usually horrendously very heavy. This, however, did not hinder us as we have Waze in tow. We took the original route via Carmona - Aguinaldo Highway.   Along the highway, we found this 30-year old cafe called Gourmet's Cafe and Country Store. 

Organic Tagaytay produce are available.

All-day breakfast and garden salads are part of their menu. 

We had Gourmet Salad with sicilian dressing. 

We were advised to choose from the packed/ready mixed greens in the refrigerator nearby. 

I ordered the Italian Style Adobo (Php270).

Braised chicken and pork meats were cooked in the Filipino traditional adobo.   Fresh rosemary was added that gave it  the  Italian twist.  Salted egg and tomatoes, and mountain rice were on the  side. 

Jun tried Continental Breakfast (Php270).
Home-made corned beef with sunny side up eggs and slices of bread.  Jun was satisfied especially in the strands of real organic beef. 

Bea ordered Filipino Breakfast (Php250).  She chose  beef tapa from the selection of pork longganisa or tocino, tawilis, dried biya or gourmet sardines.    Beef tapa was served with garlic rice and papaya relish.  Bea found the tapa so tasty and tender together with mountain rice. 

My apologies, we forgot to take a pic of it coz she was able to finish it in no time!:-)

Each meal came with  brewed coffee except for the salad, of course  😊

More pictures of dining area

We also bought cabbage (Php60)  and pesto chips (Php70), and  a jar of Roman Garlic Spread (Php180).

Lastly, this poster caught my eyes as I like fresh tomatoes and I just realized a wiser idea in trying to add tomatoes in my fruit salad. 

Insalata Mista

An Italian mixed grilled vegetable salad is called InsalataMista alla Griglia.

I like the taste of this salad. It's different from the normal fresh garden salad.  The juice coming out from grilled vegetable and a small amount of salt is unexpectedly tasty. 

Try it at Bellini's Italian Restaurant in Marikina. 

Flowers 🌺 and Stars ⭐️

These what made me busy in my two-week staycation, crocheting. 

Crocheted coaster flowers.  6 pieces glass coasters and 1 piece pitcher coaster.

Crocheted coaster stars. 4 pieces glass coasters and 1 piece pitcher coaster. Stars are bigger than the flowers. 

Thanks to Pinterest for the patterns. It helped me a lot and made it easier for a beginner like me. 

H❤️N Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil

We, Bea and I, attend the recent turnover of Human ❤️ Nature's magalogue in H❤️N Marikina.

Ms. Joy, the owner, demonstrated the safeness of H❤️N Bug Sheild DEET-Free Oil, an anti-mosquito repellent. 

As shown above, the styrofoam was as smooth as its in original form even after hours of having the  H❤️N Bug Shield unlike the other 2 brands. 

There's really a big difference of having a ❤️ in a brand.  😊