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Enrollment Time!

Get ready, enrollment time is here once again! It is in this time of the year - scorching hot and not very receptive at that - that I would really want to make sure that everything is in order and that there will be no hassles and glitches before going to Bea's school for this coming school year's enrollment.

With this objective, I just came out with a checklist of necessary information and documents to comply with primarily.

Here’s the checklist that goes: 

  1. Be aware of the dates and deadlines.
   Know the schedules of enrollment and book sale.  Call the registrar’s office or visit your school’s website. 

  1. Inquire for the tuition fee.
Know the total tuition fee.  Get familiarized with the payment schemes.  Compute the difference between one-time payment from the semi-annual, quarterly, or other installment plans the school is offering.  Decide according to your budget and the date you usually receive your bonuses, allowances and the like.

  1. Inquire for the list and cost of textbooks.
With this, you will realize how much cash you will have to bring.  Also, you will be able to check if your nieces/nephews, older that your child, have used the same books in the past.  This way, you will be able to save and allocate those savings to the other expenses like class materials.

  1. Get a list of class materials.
Don’t miss this!  You will always be able to make sure on what kind of notebooks your child needs for her grade level.  You will be able to check if you have already bought the item/s the previous year/s such as ruler, colors, scissors, sharpners and the like.

By now, you should almost be ready.   To complete the list, don’t forget to bring small water jug, a fan, handkerchief and a magazine or your favorite pocketbook.  These will be needed to keep you occupied and accompanied while you are in a long line waiting for your turn.:)

Hope these tips can be of help to you. If you have other tips in mind, please share it with us by posting comments.  Happy Enrolling!