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Alexei's Diner & Cafe

On our 11th year wedding anniversary, Jun decided to try a new restaurant in Marikina called Alexei's Diner & Cafe.

I just could't let this pass... (updated)

Don't depend on the Americans when we,
Filipinos, can actually vote for Jessica even if we are in the Philippines.
Vote between 11am and 1pm every Thursday with this 
Facebook application.
Here's the link:

America, what is happening?  :-(

Exactly 6 years ago

Chanced upon the following pictures taken exactly 6 years ago.  
Papa and Bea
Papa and Bea

School Activity: Closing Program

Bea's first school closing program was in year 2005-2006 at OB Montessori - Pagsasarili.


Bea & Stitch

Clockwise: running stitch, whipped running stitch and
basting stitch (uneven)

As part of Bea's P.A. class in school, she had her first stitches project.

Pinoy Tradition: Kasalan

 The union of two families.
(photo by Roanna Jessica 

Francisco Mabunga)
Months after the pamamanhikan, surely and expectedly, the  wedding day follows.  A Pinoy wedding or kasalan in Tagalog has many beliefs and traditions.  The most important tradition is  that it is held with a full Sacrament of the Holy Mass.  

Allow me to show you pictures taken during the wedding of Kuya Kiss and Ate Jina.  These photos will illustrate some of the Filipino wedding traditions.