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Minay and Kuya A

Happy birthday po! Hugs and kisses.

Much love, Bea.


Look at what I've found in Minay's room.

Sanchez and Cruz Nuptial in 1969.


Yummy for midnight snacks!


Is a night food fair for new entrepreneurs.

They have several outlets and this one is located at the open carpark of Shopwise Libis. It operates during Tueadays only and usually starts at 7pm and closes at around 4am the following day. Every outlet, like the Forum, Meralco Avenue and SM Cubao, has its own schedule.

Bea and her cousins tried and enjoyed shawarma, isaw and bbq's, cakes such as blueberry cheesecake, carrot cake and chocolate cake. Aside from these, we likewise saw other delicacies such as Mexican, Korean and, of course, our very own Filipino food. They all look so yummy and delectable but so happened that we just had our dinner at Tiendesitas that time before dropping by that's why our hefty appetites were easily put on check. ;-)


A refreshing premium ice cream made from Korea.

I usually buy this at Wang Mart, a Korean convenient store along Polaris Street in Makati. It has two flavors namely Espresso and Berrymix. I prefer Espresso over the other.

Compared to the very popular Selecta's Magnum, I super like Cledor for it's not too sweet crunchy choco coating and creamy ice cream filling.

Missing my desktop

It crashed weeks ago.

Tried hard to save it to no avail.

Now, I'm using the Blogger from the Apple's App Store. There will be a lot of difference compared to the ones posted via desktop. Hence, please bear with it. :(

Hoping for your continuous support. Thank you.