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2010 Singapore and Kuala Lumpur - Third Day in KL

We left Singapore for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via the first flight of Air Asia.   This time, we departed from one of the most beautiful airports in the world, the Changi Airport.  On the onset,  we felt we were  being welcome in a first class flight because of the relaxing lounge with wall mounted TV and readily available computers with free internet access. 

Bea was so excited to log-in to her Facebook account but the numerous security procedures simply made her loose her interest and patience. However,it wasn't long before she found herself trying the free foot massage machine and stayed there for the rest of our waiting time before boarding.   

Everything was running just fine up until we were lead to our seats.  To our surprise and dismay, Bea was assigned to seat in front of me while Jun was  two rows behind us and beside the window on the other side of the plane.  This was the first time that we will not be seated together on board an aircraft. It was so uncomfortable on our part that I decided to check the seats at the back and found that there were several vacant slots.  Right there and then, I requested from the flight attendant to allow us to transfer. Luckily, she was so kind and understanding that she obliged to my request.  We were given the permission before the plane's engine started to run.  We were all so relieved, especially Bea.  She embraced me as I felt her deep sigh of comfort.    As usual, we said a prayer for a safe trip and thanked Papa Jesus and Mama Mary for keeping us together - seated right next to each other in this flight.

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur just in time for lunch.  The Kuala Lumpur International Airport-Low Cost Carrier Terminal was so different compared to Changi Airport-Budget Terminal.  I felt like I was in a domestic airport in   a province.  There were no beautiful and comfortable lounges and the place was not neat,  tidy and well kept at all.  

For lunch, eating mostly 'curried' food in Singapore, we wanted to go for something more common and ordinary to our craving palette; thus, we went to  Kentucky Fried Chicken in a small food court set-up.  The crew, who was not familiar with the English language, was so patient in trying to understand what I was ordering by pointing at the pictures of their display menu. Bea wanted to eat chicken with rice, but unfortunately, they were only serving chicken with roll.  They were also not serving Bea's favorite  crispy KFC french fries.   :-(    

facade of Corus Hotel

our room
We hired a taxi from the airport to our hotel, Corus Hotel, in Kuala Lumpur City.  Travel time from the airport to our hotel was almost an hour.    It was so hot that day but we were all excited to discover what KL has to offer.  After we brought our things in our room and took a short rest, we went to the Petronas Twin Tower. Our hotel was just a walking distance away from the  Petronas Twin Towers. Unfortunately, we were too late to be able to get a pass to enter the building.  Just the same, we enjoyed our photo ops in front of the big towers.  

Beside the tower is the Suria Shopping Center wherein signature brands could be found.
Suria Shopping Center
Next in our itinerary was the Merdeka Square in which some government offices are located and major events are usually held. In spite of the so much heat,  Bea  was still  always ready to smile whenever the camera went her way.

Supreme Courts

National Textile Museum

From there, we went straight to KL Menara Tower and tried the revolving restaurant, Restoran Berputar Seri Angkasa.  The restaurant was located in the top most deck of the tower where the panoramic view of the entire KL could be seen.  We spent RM35/pax for the afternoon tea.  Bea enjoyed her ice cream and me with my chocolate cake.  We also tried spaghetti and amazingly, the spaghetti sauce still had CURRY in it! And honestly, it wasn't good...not good at all! =-)

free red iced tea
strawberry ice cream with chocolate soft cookie, wafer stick,
almonds and cherry topped with chocolate syrup.. YUMMY!
bland chocolate cake
spaghetti pasta topped with red curry sauce 
views of Petronas Twin Towers from KL Tower   
entrance of Restoran Berputar Seri Angkasa

Part of our afternoon merienda package in the revolving restaurant was the free access to the Observation Deck located one floor below the restaurant.    Since our entrance was just a part of our package in the revolving restaurant,  we were not given  the tape recorder with headset which would serve as guide in the tour.  The Observation Deck package costs RM38/pax for adult and RM28/pax for child.  The package includes several complimentary add-ons though.

Observation Deck

We spent the rest of the day refreshing, relaxing and dipping in the swimming pool of  the Corus Hotel. 

Then before going to bed, we decided to have our dinner at a restaurant across our hotel. Jun tried the ten super spiced  rice with beef and squid while Bea loved the curry marinated  friend chicken .

night shot of Petronas Twin Tower from
Corus Hotel

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