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7th Birthday - Day 2

Bea's birthday didn't end there.  We still had 3 more exciting and surprising days for our lovely Bea.

This is the beginning of another wonderful Day 2 in the land of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other famous Disney characters at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (Tickets:  Adult HK$295 / Child HK$210 already good for 2 days since we checked in @ Disney Hollywood Hotel).

Bea woke up early sufficing  to spend time in the bath tub instead of the hotel pool (we didn't bring any swim wear for her because a friend told me that it was quiet cold in Hong Kong that time... hayy... I shouldn't have listened!...temperature then was at a normal 28 degrees).

We went back to the theme park (Disneyland has four parks namely: Main Street, Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland) to relive the feeling of being young once more=). After a long queue in the Fantasyland Garden, we  had our turn for our pictures to be taken with the most prominent of all the Disney characters,  Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  Tomorrowland was right next to the Fantasyland. In there, Buzz Lightyear , Lilo and Stitch stand tall.  Bea, as well as Jun and I, enjoyed the Orbitron ride.  It's like  a  more complicated Octopus ride that we are all used to ride in the Philippines. Wanting to see the Resort in its totality,   we easily went around the park boarding the  Disney  train. Much as we wanted to stay a little more longer, we already had to go and bring Bea to our next destination (still part of our  birthday surprise for her).

Around twelve noon, we checked-out from the Disney Hollywood Hotel, Lantau Island and transferred to Kowloon Island (Disney Resort-Sunny Bay -Lai King-Prince Edward).  In Mongkok area, we checked-in at Metropark Hotel Mongkok (1 night accomodation is Php4,462).  We chose this hotel for being very accessible (walking distance) to several street and night markets like Goldfish/Flower/Bird Garden Market,  and Ladies  Market (which is actually not only for ladies but for men and children as well); as we planned to find lots of bargain in this area.  This hotel is  also very near to the MTR Prince Edward station.  
Side Story  :  At the MTR Prince Edward station,  my husband  mistakenly inserted his MTR card and  was not able to come out of the station. Semi panicking =), it was a good thing a Filipina (obviously a resident) saw what happened and graciously helped us  by telling us how to go about the situation.   

After we checked-in, we went to what we believed was the next best place for Bea, the Ocean Park Adventure (Prince Edward-Admiralty-City Bus Route 629).  We hit the cable car right after taking  a very long escalator ride ascending to the mountain top.  It was an exciting and heart stopping experience for the three of us.  I was actually trying to hide my nervousness from Bea for her to totally enjoy our ride.    Personally, I was a bit disappointed with our Ocean Park visit since several constructions and renovations were on going that time. These made the place somehow messy and disorganized.  We were not be able to see the dolphin show though Bea already experienced this at MOA on her 5th birthday. The Pandas were likewise not available that time as they were already sleeping - as we were told...hmmmp.=(  Just the same, it was all worth it; besides,  riding the cable car was our main objective for Bea to experience  in coming to the Ocean Park Adventure (Tickets: Adult HK$208/Child HK$103).

Our next stop was the Avenue of Stars (City Bus Route 629-Admiralty-Tsim Sha Tsui then a long walk going to East Tsim Sha Tsui).  En route to the bay(?)walk, we entered the relatively impressive New World  Mall. We took some time to check and buy some items on sale before heading to the the Avenue of Stars.  We had a good view of the dancing lights show emanating from the towering buildings located across the Yangtze River.  The array of laser lights were dancing simultaneously with the thunderous beat of Chinese oriental music. 

This was the end of our second and last day in Hong Kong.  We went back to the hotel very exhausted and tired;  Jun even  had to carry Bea to her bed. Pondering a bit before sleeping, Jun and I were so pleased and happy as we were able to give these precious  and unforgettable moments  to our beloved Bea for her to treasure all her life.  

The next day would be another exciting  day as we went south of China, Macau. This is where the famous and extravagant  replica of Venice Italy was built (aside from the one in Las Vegas, of course), the Venetian Macao Resort and Hotel - And this was where we stayed at.....

Note:  Prices were based on December 2008 rates.

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