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7th Birthday - Final Day

Our last day was as memorable as our first day in Hong Kong.

I was the first one who woke-up and was able to see the surroundings from the window of our suite.  There were a lot of on going building constructions. Perhaps by this time, those were already finished.  I saw several structures holding resorts and casinos.  We were not able to experience to go inside the infamous Venetian Casino since children were not allowed.  Jun, however, was able to pass-by  when he bought our breakfast but didn't stay that long either.

We stayed in our room to feel its luxury for the last hours of our stay.  Bea used the bath tub as I was watching the TV on the couch in the living room and Jun in the bed.  The room was so big for the 3 of us.  Even for a while, we felt like royalties=)... so relaxed and so comfortable.    

Before we left our room to check-out,  I  was able to arrange with  the concierge for them to bring our luggages to the main lobby since the pick-up point of the complimentary bus to the airport  was stationed there.  After we checked-out,  we still went around the mall and then outside to the streets.  We noticed that few people were walking on the streets.  There were no near-by  malls and restaurants. There were also not that many taxi cabs and cars on the road.  Obviously, the complimentary bus was a must for the convenience of the hotel's guests and tourists.

Boarding the complimentary bus of The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel,  we were able to go to the Macau International Airport just in time for our prescribed boarding  time.  Bea was once again so excited to  board the Cebu Pacific plane.  She once again requested to be seated beside the window to see the surroundings  as they went smaller and smaller as we flew up in the sky.  Likewise, she always loved to see the clouds.  

At the NAIA Terminal III,  tired and exhausted, we used the airport taxi to our residence in Marikina for a fixed  rate of  Php800.00.  

This was the end of our surprise birthday present for Bea on her 7th birthday.   Jun and I both knew that the happiness, experience and exposure we had will  forever be treasured and cherished by our one and only precious princess, Bea!   

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