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7th Birthday - Day 3

Our day three (3) started in the street of Goldfish/Flower/Bird Garden Market.  My husband, Bea and I were so amazed with the lovely, colorful, hard to find corals and  fishes we were watching in huge tanks.  I tried to take a picture of Bea with the coral reef tank as a background; but after one shot, I was advised that taking pictures was not allowed. Hence, we simply went from one fish tank to another.  Then afterwards, we took our pictures outside the stores and on the streets.    


We kept on walking until we reached the Lady Market.  There were nice items but was not convinced to buy since the prices were stiff and unreasonable.  Was so disappointed that the same items you can find in  Greenhills, Surplus Shop of SM Malls and other nearby tiangge shops back in the Philippines were more reasonably priced.  


Before lunch, we checked-out from Metropark Hotel Mongkok (where the first H1N1 infected Mexicans in Hong Kong were found) to reach the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal (Price Edward-Central-Sheung Wan/Shun Tak Centre) in time for our departure for Macau via Cotai Jet.  In Shun Tak Centre (just above the Sheung Wan station), we went straight to Cotai Ticket Office located at the 3rd level to claim our pre-booked tickets (HK$146/pax).  While waiting for our boarding time, we ate lunch in one of the restaurants in the departure area.  Then after 1 hour and so of sailing in the luxurious ferry, we finally reached Macau.  

Upon going out of the arrival hall, we found the complimentary shuttle bus of  the Venetian Macao Resort  Hotel (my husband chose this hotel after watching its special episode in Discovery Channel).  From the terminal, it took us only 5 minutes to reach the hotel.  We were all excited as we knew this would be a new and wonderful experience for all of us.    

The hotel lobby in West Entrance (where we alighted) was so busy as there was a long queue of people waiting in front of the check-in counters.  The long wait was worth it after we made our first step in our Royale Suite (a spacious 70 square meter and MOP$2,402/night room).   As we went through, my husband and I covered Bea's little eyes with a handkerchief.  As we entered, we guided Bea inside the first room  to the right,  the shower room embraced by lavish marble tiles.  Bea's little eyes slowly turned wide when she saw the big bathroom/powder room in front of her.  She sat on the chair in front of the big mirror feeling like a princess.  =)   As we proceeded, we were filled with great surprise with the king-sized canopy-draped bed, the sunken living room, and the two large LCD televisions.  Bea and I tried the huge bed and felt the fluffiness of duvets.  We posed and took pictures in every corner of the suite.


We were still enjoying the room when somebody rung the bell.  I tried to reach the glass hole in the middle of the door but  found out I was too too short (hehehe) so I decided to use the chain to check who was it.  It was an arrogant bell boy who stood like Robin Padilla and had the nerve to impolitely and impertinently  tell me in bad English that I should  have used the glass hole rather than the chain.  Honestly, I found that to be a bit rude.  I took offense on that so I decided to take "my right as a guest" an extra mile =) .... After he dropped our luggages to where I told him to place it, I told him to rather transfer it to another place in the room.  After he had done so, I thanked him and when he acted like he was actually waiting for his tip, I thanked him again and nodded as a sign for him to leave already.. hehehe..

We spent the rest of the day in the Venetian Shopping Center.  We found so many Filipinos working there as entertainers, gondola operators and guides, sales clerks, waiters, chefs and a lot more.   Bea got her picture taken  with one of the Filipino entertainers.

We tried the Gondola Ride (Tickets: Adult MOP$88/Child MOP$66).  As I was wearing C2 shirt with the embroidered Philippine map,  a Filipino gondola operator spoke to us in Tagalog.  He confirmed to us that a lot of Filipinos were working there, more than the Macanese in fact.  The gondola-man assigned to us was also a Filipino.  While touring the Grand Canal, he serenaded us with his soft  but powerful  voice.  People along the mall isle were also amazed at his voice as they clapped and waived at him.  After the ride,  a Kodak sales rep offered us our pictures in frame, key chain and inside a dome-shaped water ball.  Bea chose the dome-shaped water ball for being so uncommon and very lovely.

We ate our dinner in the food court.  We weren't able to finish our pancit so we decided to bring it in the stall were we bought it from for them to put it in a take out bag.  Surprisingly, the old lady in the stall  just gave us the food and a container and went back to where she was earlier, sitting near the cash register. She did not bother to assist us anymore and told us to pack it ourselves..Duh?!  There were  even no other customers that time for her not be able to give us good service.  Annoyed, Jun and I looked at each other and left the plate of pancit on  their counter instead.

We were in such a beautiful and luxurious place but its people were measly giving service in high standards.  We were told by some Filipino residents there that the Macau locals are really like that - inhospitable, discourteous, and would not even try - 'even just try' - to speak English to accommodate guests and tourists.  They also added that this is precisely the reason why firms there prefer Filipino workers known for being polite and gracious.  To us, this was really disappointing, discouraging and downright pathetic.

At around 9PM, just as the mall was about to close,  we decided to end our day in our relaxing room watching TV -  Bea was lying in the sofa at the sunken living room while Jun and I were lying flat in our Italian king-sized bed.=)     

For room accomodation:
The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel
Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, s/n,
Taipa, Macao SAR, P.R. China
Tel: +853 2882 8888

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