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Hotel Experiences

As I was planning for Bea's birthday celebration/vacation in Hong Kong, I prepared ourselves to gain more confidence and get familiarized with the different classes of hotels in the Philippines.  Fortunately, opportunities came at the right time as Jun and I received complimentary and discounted vouchers from a four-star hotel up to the  most luxurious and upscale hotels in Makati and Manila. 

This was the first hotel we tried and it was during the yuletide season of December 2005.  It was, for us that time, the best hotel for being near and very accessible to the Star City, the well-known theme park during the holiday seasons.  

The hotel lobby was not that spacious  to accommodate the high volume of  people checking-in that time.  There were few visitor's chair or sofa for guests to be able to wait comfortably.    

The room had all the standard amenities of a hotel room.  Their special selling feature was the full-length glass window where the panoramic view of the Manila Bay and Roxas Boulevard could be seen.  

Being under the umbrella management of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, the hotel's personnel were all well trained, courteous and polite.

Bea, being only 4 years old then, was so happy running around our room.  She enjoyed the carpet as she was allowed to walk and run in bare foot, sat and rolled on the floor.    

Westin Philippine Plaza (now Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
In January and February 2006, our wedding anniversary and Valentine's day celebration, we decided to try the then Westin Philippine Plaza or now known as Sofitel Philippine Plaza.  

The parking area was big enough to accommodate up to a hundred cars.  Bell boys were not readily available at the entrance from the car park compared to Traders Hotel.  Front desk was wide and had five check-in counters aside from the space for  the concierge.  

The room was bigger but the furnishings were rather out dated.  Same as Traders Hotel, its special room feature was the panoramic view of Manila Bay from the room's balcony.           

Our most favorite part of the hotel was the swimming pool which was located  close to the bay.  There were indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children which Bea enjoyed a lot.

The hotel's personnel were all ready to give their smiles and were very hospitable.

I spent my birthday in 2006 at Shangri-La Hotel Makati.  Jun, Bea and I were so amazed with the spectacular huge lobby they have, complimented with the enchanting chandelier and the grand staircase.
We weren't able to see the parking area since the hotel had a valet service.  The hotel's baggage porters were readily available upon entering the lobby.  They were so courteous and polite.  The front desk clerks were all professional in treating their guests.  

The deluxe room was so accommodating for having two queen size beds,  well cleaned and with newly designed carpeted flooring,  and a spacious powder room and bath.  From the window, you will be able to see the other hotels and buildings along Ayala Avenue.

Housekeepers were also commendable for being so active to extend  help to whatever we needed.

Bea enjoyed the bath tub and the big fluffy beds.  

Day's Hotel 
It was one of the holidays of November  2006 when we decided to go to Tagaytay City and spend a night at Day's Hotel.  This time, we didn't have discount vouchers but was still able to get a 10% off for my being an employee of DBP. :-) 

Unlike the usual hotels in Manila, the lobby of this hotel was so small as well as the front desk.  Parking lot was not spacious enough to accommodate all the hotel's guests.

Another difference was the location of the rooms.  Instead of going up from the lobby, the rooms were located below or under the lobby.  There was nothing spectacular or special inside our room.  One would just find the usual amenities . But lo and behold,  there was a surprising catch from our room's balcony.  It was the sunrise view coming from where the Taal Volcano is located.  A breathtaking and  exciting experience for all of us.

Hotel's front desk clerk and baggage porter were not so visible during our stay.   They were also not that warm and very accommodating.

All in all, we had a great and learning experience in all the hotels we had  stayed in.  We had gained so much knowledge to make our stay comfortable. We  were also able to customize it to what we wanted it to be without being charged for extra costs.  As for Bea, she has acquired so much confidence and coolness in going around a big crowd, communicating with other people, and being used to operating all the amenities inside the room as well as the common facilities of resorts and hotels.      

Leading towards December 2008, I must say that those preparations and expenses were all more than worth it!=)

For reservations: 
Traders Hotel Manila
3001 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City 1305 Philippines
T: (63 2) 523 7011
F: (63 2) 522 3985

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City 1300 Philippines
T: (63 2) 5515555 - (63 2) 5515610

Makati Shangri-La Hotel
Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City 1200 Philippines
T: (63 2) 813 8888
F: (63 2) 813 5499

Days Hotel Tagaytay
Tagaytay City Philippines
T: (63 46) 4132400 
F: (63 46) 4132410 

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