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Villa Cafe for V day

It was a day before Valentine's day when I saw in the Business World High Life magazine an article about this new resto in Makati. I immediately consulted 'Mr. Google' for the location and menu of VILLA CAFE. Via, I was able to find the details especially its telephone number to make a reservation. Excitedly, was actually done with my reservation when I saw a more detailed write-up at the 'Our Awesome Planet' blog site. 

We were able to easily locate Villa Cafe. It's at your left if you're coming from Ayala Avenue to Yakal Street (Makati Police Central Station). A simple red VILLA signage is sure to catch your attention. A waiter was attentive  to see and guide us where we could park our car as the slots in front of their resto were already occupied. Another waiter was waiting for us at the resto entrance. All the waiters were polite and greeted us as we were ushered into the table reserved for us. 

The table was neatly prepared. A small white vase with cute purple annual flowers and a shot glass with floating candle were at the center of our table. The set-up of all the plates, utensils and goblets paved the way for  a romantic dinner for the three of us.

As we were waiting for our order, they gave us a complimentary appetizer,  Tinapa Pate with Melba Sauce.


Organic Greens and Mango Salad

After we enjoyed our appetizer and salad, they changed our plates and utensils for our main entree.

After a few minutes, our orders were all served freshly cooked and prepared.

Boneless Crispy Pata (with kare-kare sauce)
Really crispy up to the last bite.
Eggplants were fried in olive oil.
Kare-kare sauce was superb.  It is comparable to the traditional Kare-Kare used to be cooked by my late mom-in-law and now passed on to  my sis-in-law.

Pastel de Lengua
A little spicy but still  extra tender  and super delicious.
Two thumbs up?  Agree!!

Villa's Rellenong Bangus
Not the typical fried and dry relleno.
For me, this is truly the best!

For dessert,  Dulce de Tsokulati is their famous and best seller cake among  the varieties of cake displayed next to their cashier area. 

All in all, we spent less than Php2K inclusive of tax, service charge and additional tip.  Not bad for all the wonderful service, excellent and differently prepared good food, and the new dining experience my whole family shared that special night.

On our way home, Jun and I exchanged our views over the new and exciting dining experience we just had.  We were so overwhelmed even hours after that made us forget some minimal 'rooms for improvement' observations like the following-- they are still currently working on credit card accommodation so be ready with your cash. This resto was also not 'dressed up' for  the occasion. They should likewise invest more for the kitchen range vent hoods (exhaust) to totally avoid some smoke from coming into the dining area.

I think the 2 white round fans could not  sustain its purpose.
On the other hand, I very much like their menu.  It has a concise list of their best sellers and they even have marginal notes to help the customer decide which ones are highly recommended.

Further, if you need some privacy for small gatherings/meetings, their second floor is spacious enough to gather around 20 pax.  Another kitchen  is  also strategically located there.

Lastly, one of my first criteria to consider a resto to be excellent is thru its powder room. Though it's for men and women, it is very well maintained; has perfumed hand wash and lots of rolled tissue.

Valentine's day is not only on the  14th of February of each year but may be celebrated everyday.  Hence, don't wait for next year, try Villa Cafe now! :-)

For reservations:
Villa Cafe
7427 Glory Bldg., Yakal St.,
San Antonio Village, Makati City