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Jogging by the River

I have been missing my yoga classes lately and I have likewise failed to go to the  the gym after my office hours.  For the missed sessions to burn and sweat out my intakes, I could seriously feel that I was slowly gaining weight the past few weeks.    

To break the monotony and the eminent downfall, I have decided to go jogging one Sunday morning.  Jun and Bea were so supportive and gracious enough as they agreed, without having second thoughts, to join me.  Jun gave me two choices as to where we could go jogging.  I chose the jogging lane by the Marikina River Park over the Marikina Sports Center because I wanted to see the scenery along the stretch of the riverbanks. 

Expectantly, I discovered a lot of views in the area.  There were life-sized figures of different animals; various vendors of fresh vegetables, boiled saging na sabakamoteng-kahoy suman, H2O and sodas, etc. for all joggers and bikers to enjoy. 

I was, however, somehow saddened  to see the damaged thematic structures that were used to be maintained by the different barangays in Marikina.  There were replicas of Singapore's Merlion, castles, ponds, and a lot more. These were originally used as featured attraction and displays during the christmas season to compliment the familiar yuletide tiangges; and were later retained for the viewing pleasure of all the river park's patrons.

As we jogged and walked further, we saw the big signage of OTTO Shoes, then the church of St. Anthony de Padua, SM City Marikina, and at the end was the Riverbanks Mall.  

It was refreshing to jog and walk while the breeze of cold and fresh air was touching our faces.  As we slowly run on the pathway by the river, Bea was surprised and disgusted to see a lot of dead and almost dry, lying flat bodies of frogs (obviously run-over by vehicles allowed to pass by)...ewww:).  On a brighter note though, Bea was very pleased to see  a lot of birds flying over the river trying to nip fish for themselves. 

All in all, it was a new and a wonderful experience not only for Bea but also for the whole family. It wasn't only healthy for the body but more  importantly healthy for our well-being also as we were not only able to bond as a family but to be one with nature as well.  That being said, we have decided to make this as a regular family activity for us. :-)

(Please bear with me for the late posting of this one.)