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Masan Garden Everyday

My Boss, Mr. Guevara, is an avid diner of Masan Garden, a Korean and Japanese Restaurant along Polaris Street, Makati City.  Since 1996, the year I was assigned to him,  I noticed that not a single week would pass  without him dining and enjoying the authentic Korean food of Masan.

At first, Korean food didn't pass my taste buds especially the infamous spicy  kimchi. But as  years passed by, I've gradually learned to love and enjoy the art of eating Korean food  most notably the wrapping of a sliced bulgogi or pork ribs in a vegetable leaf like romaine lettuce with dwenjang (soybean paste) and thin slices of garlic.  Ahhh... so yummy, it actually makes me crave for it right now.  :-)

garlic, dwenjang and ssam
I have selected my favorites from their side dishes to their main entree.  On the side dishes, these are dooobooo jorim (braised tofu), gamja jorim (sweet soy braised potato), kimchi (fermented cabbage), meeyuk muchim (seasoned laver), and oimuchim (seasoned spicy cucumber). 

complimentary side dishes
top: doobooo jorim (braised tofu)
right: pickled vegetables, myulchi bokum (flavored anchovies)
left: meeyuk muchim and kongnamul muchim (seasoned laver and bean sprout), macaroni and sweet corn in japanese mayonaise
center: kimchi

On their main entree, daeji galbi (spicy grilled pork ribs), bulgogi (grilled marinated beef), japchae (beef and vegetable noodles), bimbimbop (beef and mixed vegetable rice) and nakjibokum (spicy stir-fried octopus) are my favorites.  
pork ribs


By the way, I also love their seaweed soup.  

seaweed soup with uni

Jang uh gui (grilled eel) and pajeon (korean-style pancake) are also fairly good.

For dessert, they usually give fresh pineapple or pineapple shake to refresh your taste glands. 

At this point, I honestly think I will not get  tired of eating Korean food. Not only because of its innate and distinct taste but also because they are always reasonably priced -  it would usually cost around Php200 per person in a group of 4 to taste almost all the highly recommended dishes in my list.  :-)  In fact, just over a week ago, I had lunch here with my friends for 2 successive days.  

my friends

additional group of friends (and with my Boss, too)

another group of friends

our balikbayan friends, Mon and Judith
1 Apr 2012

With Minay
March 30, 2013

Minay's 75th birthday

With BFF
October 1, 2013

For reservations:
Masan Garden Korean & Japanese Restaurant
29 Polaris St., Bel-air Village 1
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. (02) 896-9395
(Look for Ate Ester and tell her you're referred by me. :-) )