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Je Ju Garden: Samgyeopsal Accompaniments

Je Ju Garden: Samgyeopsal Accompaniments - I forgot to take a picture of Samgyeopsal- thin slices of pork similar to uncured bacon being grilled with slices of garlic in front of us. Its usual accompaniments are lettuce and perilla leaves, garlic, and soyabean paste. At Je Ju Garden, they also have this yummy, sour, and very thinly sliced raddish. It tastes like cucumber salad and it was so refreshing. (Total cost: P250/order.) Samgyeopsal is commonly being ingested by placing a piece of meat on top of the lettuce and/or perilla leaves with garlic and soyabean paste and some rice, wrap it up then eat. Others add some of the appetizers in the mix. Hmmm.. I'm starting to crave for it now. Haha! Bea Enjoys Here, Bea was preparing for her 3rd set.